A Fowler February 2017

February was a month of sickness for us. Even though it's now March, I just now feel like I'm recovering from it. In a family of 6, sickness can sometimes take its turn with each person before passing on to another. Jase was so sick and whiney that the house was neglected. I'm enjoying March far more than February just because I'm able to clean the house! Here's a look at our February:

 We started off healthy, but all the fruit and veggies didn't stop the sickness.

I enjoyed my time at home doing "school" with the younger ones.

I also enjoyed beautiful sunsets.

Jase decided he loves to wear hats and kept putting this one on.

The month started off in a clean and organized way before it quickly fell apart.

 Logan bought me a rose just because, isn't he sweet!?

Nikolai filled out his Valentine's cards

Jase woke up while I was getting ready for work and then fell back asleep on me. I only work two days a week, but I don't want to get up when he does this. I know these days will go by quickly.

Jason loves his Daddy!

 This was the only Valentine's day picture I got because everyone else was sick.

We finally decided to purchase the couches that I wanted a few years ago, we couldn't afford them then and we settled for this one. It has been a great couch though, one that I have set on for hours and held, changed, and breastfed my last little baby. This was our last night on it as family. The next day we sold it so our new ones could be delivered.

 Still taking plenty of silly pictures to entertain Alexandria in the pick up line.


We had to travel to a dental specialist in Birmingham because some of Jase's teeth have developed cavities rather quickly. I've never seen teeth deteriorate so quickly. A cavity can make you feel like a bad parent, especially when the dentist tells you its your fault for breastfeeding at night. He's got to have to front crowns, just like Alexandria.

We went to McDonald's after our Birmingham trip. Later that day we went to the doctor and found out Jase had RSV. And again I felt like a bad parent, this time for spreading RSV germs everywhere.

This is a peek at the new couches.

We also got a new bedroom suit! I haven't ordered the bedding set I want yet, but I think this will do for now. Love it!

I love sleeping baby pictures, if you couldn't tell.

We switched the kids bedroom around since the girls will be sharing a bed. We gave them our old dresser and our queen mattress's. I still have a lot of plans for their room, but it already looks much better than it did.

I love this picture of my boys. Jase was being fussy and Nikolai brought him a book to read and set down with him, and as you can see, it made Jase so happy.

Alexandria had to have her dental surgery this month. She got two front crowns and some other small fillings. She has had bad teeth for a while and the dentist says breastfeeding was to blame. I'm not sure if I believe the breastfeeding cavity theory, but either way I feel bad for the conditions of my kids teeth. I feel bad that she had to be put asleep because she fights so hard. She didn't wake up in a great mood either. She eventually slept it off and then continued not to eat anything for nearly a week. After that her appetite picked up and I can't keep that girl fed. Her teeth looks beautiful now though.

Jase loves bath time.

My mom got us a house warming gift. Pioneer woman turquoise pot and pan set!

On the days I work, I like to enjoy some good food for lunch. This is from CUPS at Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro.

I bought some new Scholastic books to read. We started with the Grimm's Fairy Tales, and they are a little darker than I remember, but the kids are enjoying them.

Me and Nikolai at the doctor's office.

Nikolai and BoBo.

The sign of a good daddy, is when he gets under the bed to play with the kids, and then gets stuck.

We took the kids to The Factory in Gadsden and they loved it.

 Snapchat fun!

We had Times Journal pictures at work today, figured I better take a picture while I had makeup on.

 Breakfast with my babies, before heading to Gadsden.


 This was the last day of February. I had to take Alexandria to the dentist, so afterwards we went to the mall and did some shopping, then rode the carousel, then made our first ever trip to Krispy Kreme! We then went to Noccalula Falls before heading home. Such an enjoyable day with my younger two babies.

I've really been trying to enjoy all the moments I can with my children. They are growing up and sometimes I end up crying when thinking of this. Life is so short, and we are constantly reminded of how little time we can have with them. It is so important to build good memories and enjoy them as much as possible.


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