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Happy 7th Birthday Victoria!

Victoria turned 7 this year! She had to go to school and I had to go to work. I strongly considered pulling her out to spend the day with her, but I didn't. Instead, I came and ate lunch with her at school, then had her favorite supper, a homemade cake, and then we played pie face for the first time.

A Fowler February 2017

February was a month of sickness for us. Even though it's now March, I just now feel like I'm recovering from it. In a family of 6, sickness can sometimes take its turn with each person before passing on to another. Jase was so sick and whiney that the house was neglected. I'm enjoying March far more than February just because I'm able to clean the house! Here's a look at our February:
 We started off healthy, but all the fruit and veggies didn't stop the sickness.

I enjoyed my time at home doing "school" with the younger ones.

I also enjoyed beautiful sunsets.

Jase decided he loves to wear hats and kept putting this one on.

The month started off in a clean and organized way before it quickly fell apart.

 Logan bought me a rose just because, isn't he sweet!?

Nikolai filled out his Valentine's cards