Well...Where Did January Go?

The past few weeks have been busy. Not our normal busy though. A stomach bug hit me and left me energy less for a few days. Logan is great though and fed the kids for me, haha. Anyways, here a look at the rest of our January.

 I realized the other day that it was ten years ago this month that I found out I was pregnant with this boy right here. 10. T E N. 10. Wow. We had a lot of emotions going on the night we found out we were expecting. I was so excited and nervous with the results of the first test, that I went to take a second one and completely forgot to use it. I remember rambling on and on about every little thing. Looking back at my reaction, it was funny and probably a typical reaction of a 16 year old girl. I am so amazed at how this boy has grown and I am so incredibly blessed. I know the next 10 years will be just as amazing to me and I can't wait to see how his personality develops as he becomes an adult.


These pictures were taken on a near perfect evening after school. It's not typical for a warm-shirtless-play-in-the-mud-day in January, but thats what we got. The kids just loved playing in the mud and they made a damn and used the mud as face paint.

Jase wasn't ready to come in, but he loved the nice warm bath.

Jase is still breastfeeding, but it will soon come to an end.

 He's also still patching his right eye in attempts to keep his left strong. Some days he does great with patching and some days, not so much.


 It's rare I get a little alone time with this girl. We enjoyed an early morning cuddle while watching cartoons before Jase woke up.


This year I decided I was going to invest more time in myself. I'm always busy with the kids and don't take enough time for myself. I want to read more and do the things I enjoy with the people I enjoy being with. I got to spend part of my Saturday with my Mom and sister shopping. I always feel guilty going somewhere without Logan and the kids, but I really enjoyed my time.

 I got the snap chat app this month, and I'm not really amused with the app itself, but me and the kids had a blast playing with the filters as you can see.

This girl loves taking silly pictures with me while waiting in line to pick up Victoria and Nikolai.

 My bedroom doesn't look all that great yet and I'm just dying to finally buy us a bedframe, but doesn't my baby look so cute in it?

Nikolai finally mastered the double knot!!

 Just a few pictures of us!

My jalapeno pepper plant produced its second pepper, and I picked it too late! But aren't the colors beautiful?

 Alexandria's front filling fell out and we had to have a consult. Since she fights so hard having any dental work done, her dentist wants to put her to sleep to fix her teeth. This makes me nervous, anxious, and sick to my stomach. I'm so conflicted on this decision, but I know if she can go to sleep and get the work done and wake up fine, it will be so much easier on her.

We also got to have a lunch date with Aunt Amber, Alice, and Jack.

I love those days I can devote to cleaning the house. A clean house can improve my mood, more than almost anything.

Some days I get in the pick up line a little too early and Alexandria switches seats. I thought it was humorous that two days in the same week she ended up in the exact same position.

 One of Victoria's teeth fell out at school while she was eating her granola bar. She was so excited to tell us.

Cheesy Chicken and Rice Casserole.
I tried another recipe, it was long. It was good, but there wasn't enough for this family of 6.

Some days we take Daddy lunch and Jase loves his safety glasses.

I love when he naps on me.

I love my little not so little babies!

 My little man looks adorable in MawMaws glasses!!


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