A Nice Slow Week

 Grocery shopping with the family is always a little bit crazy!

 Lunch at Topher's in Rainsville after dentist appointments.
Nikolai and Victoria are cavity free, but Alexandria needs a little work done  😐
We've had such pretty warm weather this week and we couldn't resist stopping by the park after school to play ☺

 As I was doing laundry earlier this week, Jase brought me a gift. He decided to go digging in his dirty diaper and brought me a handful of it 😡 Needless to say, he got a bath early that day.

 The kids also played outside at home too. Our lack of grass had the kids building rock forts.

 After attending a cousins birthday party, the kids tried to kidnap their grandma 😂
She agreed to let the older ones stay the night and watch Jase so me and Logan could go out for a quick date night.
 Jason is all about hugs right now. He will hold his arms wide open and says "hug!"

 My brother in law Sammy gave me this awesome globe he found in a barn.
 I'm in love!

 One thing I want to do this year is try more recipes.
Sheet pan steak and veggies came out pretty awesome!

It's been a nice slow week and I hope next week is just as slow.


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