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A Nice Slow Week

Grocery shopping with the family is always a little bit crazy!
 Lunch at Topher's in Rainsville after dentist appointments. Nikolai and Victoria are cavity free, but Alexandria needs a little work done  😐 We've had such pretty warm weather this week and we couldn't resist stopping by the park after school to play ☺


A new year. A new beginning.
We have been so busy this past year. We finally purchased our first house! I am ecstatic to finally be in our own house and making it a home. I am currently working two days a week for a local hospice company and spending the rest of my days caring for our two youngest kids, keeping up with the household, and spending as much time with the rest of the family as I can. Part time work is perfect for me, as it gives us the needed income, but I am also not so overwhelmed and I can manage everything else in our life.
In this new year, I want to do and be better in my life. One of the things I plan to do better is take care of my health. I plan to go to a doctor soon to get a regular check up, something I haven't done since I was a teenager. I plan to eat better, drink more water, and exercise regularly. Another thing I plan on doing, is organizing and documenting my pictures here and on my external hard drive. My goal is to document every Sunday. I have s…