Victoria Turns 5 with a Frozen Party!

I remember when Victoria was born and she had the grouchiest look on her face and she kept it for... well... she still has that look! Oh the faces she can come up with crack me up. Anyways, I can barely remember the small baby phase because she grew up so quick, she wanted to be just like her big brother. She was sitting up by two months, and walking by 7 months! She was just so ready to play with him, and she did just that. I remember her bald head that she sported, mostly without bows, until she was two. I also remember her not talking very much, until the day after her second birthday, and then she started talking in full sentences with ease. She never ceases to amaze me, she is so strong and smart in so many ways. If she ever decides she wants to, she can do anything. She's good about reserving her talents until she decides it's time to reveal them, and that's when she amazes me. At five she likes to lay in her bed and watch cartoons. She loves candy and anything sweet, but has yet to have her first cavity. She prefers being lazy, and says she tired soon after starting an activity. Sometimes we argue over clothes, she really prefers to be comfy dressed, but so do I. She has recently gotten into being more "girly," she wants to wear jewelry and heels and have her hair fixed and nails painted. I love spending time with her doing theses girly things, I know we will be best shopping/pedicure pals for a long long time! She's starting to hang out with her sister more and more, but she still looks up to her big brother. Sometimes she will cuddle with me and I try to soak it in, because Victoria cuddles are sometimes rare. She likes telling funny jokes and she has a natural talent for smart comebacks. Victoria has always been a little bit of an odd ball, but I love that about her! I can't imagine my life without this amazing girl. Happy 5th Birthday Victoria!

Victoria wanted to go to Cracker Barrel for her birthday so that's what we did!

Then we had her a Frozen birthday party!
Victoria asked that her hair be braided like Elsa's, she's also sporting her snowflake earrings.
Victoria and I (at 27 weeks pregnant with baby boy)
Victoria picked out her own cake and she wanted all of the candles on it.
She posed for pictures with her crown and our DIY wands made out of Christmas snowflake ornaments and paper straws!
She enjoyed some rock candy!

The moment we sing happy birthday and she gets to make her wish before blowing out the candles!
And time to open gifts! She loved everything she received!


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