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Does Anyone Still Picnic?

I rarely hear of anyone going on picnics anymore. Our family loves to pack a lunch and head outdoors. We often go to Little River Canyon and just enjoy each other in nature. And of course, I have to take pictures to help me remember the day!   They searched for frogs and lizards and other bugs. Nikolai threw a worm on me, gross. Guess I'm just payin' for my raisin', I used to bring frogs into the kitchen for my mom.  Can't forget the free views and education that nature can provide.  What's a trip to the Falls without a little spontaneous water play  I'm glad Logan is teaching Nikolai how to skip rocks.  That just seems like something a dad should teach his son.  I just had to take a shadow picture of my prego belly at 32 weeks

March 2015

Happy birthday Dr. Seuss!  I love holding her tiny hand that fits just inside of mine.