February 2015

 Cute pony tails and good teeth hygiene are important!
Victoria at Santa Fe, one of our favorite places to eat.
 Alexandria's mean mug and sassy finger pointing
 Victoria loves crafts!
Valentine card from Nikolai to Mom and Dad
 Alexandria went potty like a big girl on this day, and we were so proud.
 Alexandria's first big girl bed, she didn't know what to think about it.
 Playing ponies with cousin Alice.
How a picnic with a 2 year old ends.
Nikolai with Xbox valentine box
Alexandria foot prints for Valentines day! Love it
Silly selfies with mom!
Victoria at Kobe
Victoria and Alexandria's 1st time skating, and Nikolai's 2nd. They did so good, so proud.
My nephew Isaiah's 12th birthday. 
Love this orb that showed up between the boys. I love to think it was my sister watching over her boys...
Wingstop. Toddler. Frizzy hair. Cute.
Our 1st 3rd row vehicle!
New mattress and bed set. Love my silly husband.
My awesome 5 year old!
My kids love weapons for some reason. I blame their daddy.
Victoria loves her artwork
Those glasses. This girl. That smile.


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