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February Snow of 2015

It snowed a few good times this year. Here's a few pictures of us out playing in it. We all had so much fun. We drove in it. We had snowball fights. We visited Amy and Keith. We made snow cream. We made snow angels. We built snowmen and then destroyed them. Nikolai and Victoria also made a snow reindeer that they were so proud of! I love seeing my family have so much fun in the beautiful snow.

Medieval Times

In February we decided to take the kids on a surprise trip to Atlanta to Medieval times. Me and Logan had visited this place about 7 years ago when we were still in high school. I was actually pregnant with Nikolai at the time. We remember having a good time here and wanted to share it with the kids. We risked an ice storm and a 2 hour drive with 3 kids to get there, but we were so glad we did. We had so much fun and we won't soon forget it. I'm so glad I captured this picture of their faces when we pulled up to the castle and told them where we were. We splurged on light up swords, a shield, and princess head wear and took pictures while we waited for the show. Nikolai and Victoria participated in knight training where they learned fighting moves.