January 2015

In January we aimed to stay home more and save money. We still went out to eat a couple of time though. Of course we went to the kids favorite place with some friends, Santa Fe
I enjoyed picking the kids up from school a few times and watching their imagination grow at home.
I passed over my phone to Victoria so she could take pictures of things she makes.
We tried a new restaurant in Scottsboro while car shopping. We had a great experience at Carlisle's. Great customer service!
This little girl wanted me to fix her hair!
So I agreed and then proceeded to take a million pictures!
She's such a daddy's girl!
 I enjoyed finding this little girl asleep in my bed. I was able to devour McDonald's white hot chocolate mocha at work. And I shared lovey notes with my husband!
 We bought the kids a table!
I was disappointed the one I bought for Christmas was damaged and then they stopped selling it so I had to settle for a much smaller one.
 But, they loved it anyways, and have used it daily!
 This is what happens when I feel good, breakfast.
This is what happens when I feel sick, Nikolai and Logan buy me flowers.
 Alexandria loves her brother and wanted him to carry her.
 He lovingly agreed and she showered him with kisses.
Nikolai learned that we sometimes have money, and it seems like a lot, but then we have to give it to the power company :( Victoria enjoyed her 100th day of school activities and comfy time on the couch reading!
 Victoria acted like the tough soldier for once. Too bad her sweet smile overpowers her attempt at being tough!
This little girl is growing up too fast! She loves carrying her backpack like her brother and sister.
 Alexandria had a teeth cleaning at the dentist.
 She did so good!
 It amazes me how mean she can be and how sweet she can be. She loves to cuddle when she wants to, but then any other time she's hitting somebody!
 Natural Beauty!
 We've still been participating in lots of crafts at home
 We made a groovy living room for Victoria and a soldier cabin for Nikolai.
 I love and appreciate this goofy man! We may not be perfect and we may annoy each other sometimes. But we've never given up on each other and we always put forth an effort. I had a two week period where I had a constant headache and low energy, and he took over in the kitchen. He actually cooks pretty well, except for the mac-n-cheese, he screwed that up! :)
 Some days I get the urge to make a big meal.
 This is everyday at our house. Lego creations, blanket forts, and wrestling time.
 I enjoyed my artwork from co-worker Kayla.
 The girls love to pretend to be a chicken with the chicken hat. Alexandria loves cuddling with her fox "ding-ding."
 Nikolai made cars
 Victoria made a life size self-portrait.
 I've been working on a ruffle skirt for the girls.
 McDonald's play place
 This is usually how pictures of these three turn out.
 Me and Nikolai made a Lego city
 She fell asleep in the floor, how uncomfortable!

 We had a great month and boy do I love this crazy bunch!


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