The 4th Pregnancy

Discovering the Pregnancy:
I realized I was a week late, but I did not think I was pregnant because I had zero pregnancy symptoms. I took a test on August 28th (daddy's birthday) and the test line was barely there. I thought maybe it was a false positive and planned to take another test as soon as possible. I took one the following Saturday and it was clearly positive. I was very nervous to tell Logan. He had stated that he felt he was done having children. I wrote him a letter because I was too nervous to say the words. I handed him the letter and went to take the garbage out. Regardless of how he would respond I was very happy. I wanted one more child. I always wanted four. I wanted two boys and two girls. When I came back in, he stated "I knew." I'm still not sure how he knew, but he wasn't upset at all, which kind of surprised me. He was happy and said so. He said there was no reason to be upset. He later told me he was excited to be expanding our family yet again.

1st Trimester:
For the first 8 weeks I only had mild fatigue, but then the morning sickness set in. Working full time and having morning sickness is not fun. I discovered I had to take my prenatal vitamin at bedtime and eat constantly to avoid being too sick to function. I ate oranges, apples, peaches, and almonds constantly at work. It kept my sickness at bay enough for me to work and not take any time off for morning sickness. I had decreased energy so I would come home, cook, and then sit down for a while, and then go to bed early. My biggest craving was rice and white cheese mixed together, it just tasted soo good. Mexican and Chinese foods were always cravings I had. I tried to eat healthy some days, but I ate more sweets than I should've.

Announcing the Pregnancy: 
We announced the pregnancy by giving and sending this picture to our family and friends!

2nd Trimester:
The morning sickness went away! Regained my energy. I feel great! Heartburn has started. Starting to show now. Still craving Mexican food and salads with Ranch. Trying to drink more water.

20 Weeks! Half-way there!

 Finding Out the Gender:
All three kids were sick the day of our sonogram and our doctors appointments overlapped. Logan decided that he would take the kids to their appointment and I would go to the sonogram and close my eyes while the gender was revealed. I would have to ask the sonographer to put the gender in an envelope so we could open it together on Christmas morning. The plan actually worked quite well, thanks to Melanie. She has done my sonograms with all four children and she was so awesome about it. On Christmas morning Logan was so excited to open it first thing. He opened it and surprise! We were having a baby boy! We got what we wanted on Christmas morning!


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