Moving Time

In July we moved into our first apartment after failing to find a house to buy. We looked so hard, but just couldn't find the one. We really needed to be out on our own so we settled for an apartment.We are so much happier here than living with family. It's the perfect size for us and low maintenance. I still can't wait to find a home to buy or build one, but for now we will call this apartment home.
 It took us several trips to get all of our stuff moved over.
New shower curtain.
 We set Turtle free because he was getting too big for his tank, but there's a little turtle who lives outside our apartment who greeted us every couple of days for a month.
 After going with no furniture for a week, we were delighted to see the Akin's truck pull up with our new couch and tables.
 The kids were excited to be out of toddler beds and into a new bunk bed.
 I enjoyed getting to decorate.
The kids love the new place, but they often mention that they can't wait until we have our own big house.


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