In September...

 I stayed home with Alexandria because she had hand, foot, and mouth disease.
 She cuddled with me mostly, but it didn't stop her from climbing like a little monkey.
 We enjoyed ring pops, tie-dye shirts, soccer practice, and messy hair.
 We wore bead necklaces and aviator shades.
 We played DS games and ate too much junk food while watching Nikolai play soccer.
 I spotted rain drop hearts on my car and giggled at Alexandria's cute hair.
 We wondered why Alexandria is always changing clothes and going through the dirty clothes for her favorite pieces.
 We fed the birds with Alice.
 We took silly selfies while waiting in the car
 We watched the Alabama game with friends.
 Then we played mortal combat! And watched Nikolai get upset when Victoria kept winning.
 They enjoyed western day at school.
We got haircuts and spent time together.
 We cuddled with Mr. Fox and laid in bed for too long.
 We played at the park.
 And we played in the car in line to pick Nikolai up from school.


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