Things I loved About May 2014

Roses that the kids picked for me.
 Tigers blood snow cones with cream.
 My silly husband and good hair days.
 My silly little family and ice cream outings.
 Warm weather and our sandbox.
 Trips to the drive-inn with three kids.
 My tattoo in memory of my sister.
 White puffy clouds and old barns.
 When all three kids fall asleep.
 My owl earrings.
Scrabble letters.
 When the kids love on daddy.
 Nikolai's snail habitat.
 These two.
 These three.
My best friend.
 How Victoria freaks out over butterflies and rainbows.
 The smell of honeysuckles on early morning jogs.
 Enjoying the view from the bluff.
 My redneck kids who love the lake.
 When my girls play together.
 Fishing and snacking.
 Eating at Santa Fe.
Designing and printing invitations.
 That Nikolai enjoys cool art at school.
 Art shows at school.
 Doing coloring pages at home and getting handmade gifts on mother's day.

These things may not seem like much to anyone, and although they are simple, I love them. My family and nature creates these small unique moments, objects, and situations that make up my life. These are the types of little things that make each day enjoyable that can often get overlooked. What little things do you enjoy each day that others may not consider?


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