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Victoria in June 2014

Pretending to drive Daddy's truck.  Victoria's artwork. Cuddling with mommy.  Victoria loves her rolls and butter from Santa Fe.  Aviators, feather necklace, peace signs and a gorgeous girl.  Big hugs from Daddy. Never too big to get hugs from Daddy!

Nikolai in June 2014

Nikolai pretending to be "House"  New aviators. Lookin' like Daddy.  His future job "To be a soldier to protect the Earth."  He made a craft project of mommy naked. Lovely son.  Nikolai's favorite place to eat Santa Fe. Nikolai, so full of character and good moods. Never a dull day with him around.

Lightening Bugs in June 2014

When you become an adult, you often reminisce on the magical moments of your childhood. Trying to recreate those memories for yourself never feels magical like it did when you were a kid. The best you can do is pass on those magical moments for your children to remember, and maybe one day they will pass those moments on to their children. One of my moments that I remember so clearly is the many summer nights spent catching lightening bugs with my cousin. So I poked some holes in some jar lids and sent my kids outside. They had a blast and I enjoyed watching the joy on their faces. Seeing my kids light up is all the magic I'll ever need.

Nikolai's Kindergarten Graduation May 2014

Can it be? My son. My seven year old. That was just born yesterday? Can he really be graduating from Kindergarten already? Sadly and proudly, yes. He has reached a milestone in his life that I will never forget. He has done so well this year. His grades were great despite the fact that he is so hyper. He often got into trouble for talking, but his teacher always pointed out how bright and sweet he is. I'm so proud of you Nikolai for doing so well and for being so kind to others. I hope your next graduation don't come as quickly as this one did. I hope I get to enjoy many more years with you before you graduate again and move away for college or wherever life decides to take you. I love you so incredibly much and I am so proud to call you my son. Alexandria and Victoria being inpatient and Nikolai's graduation.  Alexandria took a tumble into a cement picnic table, doesn't her scratches look so lovely.