Nikolai in May 2014

He spent time at the park, ate ice cream, and went to school activities.
 We ate at Kobe steak house with friends
 He built awesome Lego cities
and played outside.
 He obviously took some redneck pictures.
 He went tubing with Daddy for the first time. I was nervous. But the only time he fell off was when Logan fell off the float and flipped Nikolai off. He did so good, I was so proud of him.
 He caught a lot of fish.
 And he took selfies with me!
 He brought home lots of school projects.
Ate all of his supper?
 He sported his homemade Tye-die shirt.
And he fell asleep like a little baby all curled up on our messy bed.

You are so full of life, so full of energy, so outgoing. Your almost always in a good mood. Although Daddy can be hard on you at times, I think it's because your the boy, the oldest, and he sees so much potential in you. You are smart and caring, so very very caring. You have a soft heart like me and it can sometimes lead you to get hurt more than it should. Always remember that it's a great thing to be generous, kind, and caring, but don't let people take advantage of you more than they should. And always remember that I love you more than words can ever express. One day, when you have children of your own, maybe then you'll be able to understand the love I feel for you. Until then, I love you more!


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