Alexandria in May 2014

Some of Alexandria's faces.
Butt in the air naps are the cutest.
Sissy Kissys
Pony tail!

Dear Alexandria,
My little climber. My little explorer. My little brat. I love you so much. You drive me nuts some days. You yell, pitch fits, and wont share me with your siblings. You are very jealous and want things your way all the time. You don't listen very well to me, but dad instead. I think your truly the first daddy's girl. I think it's humorous when you get mad if me and dad hug or kiss. You want us all to you. You have a lot of love, but you can show it in a rough way from hitting dad to biting me when I'm feeding you and then happily laughing when we say ow. Your still young and have a lot to learn and I can't wait to watch you grow into someone amazing. At the same time, I wish I could keep you little and all to myself. I too have been a little possessive over you and not wanting to share you with others. But others love you too and others can help you grow. So maybe I'll loosen my grip and maybe you can loosen yours too. Love you.
 Love Mom


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