Our Anniversary Weekend

 Us on our actual anniversary in April 2014. (I'm posting a little late)

 For our anniversary we decided to spend a weekend at Mentone. We took our honeymoon there and we really wanted to go back and enjoy ourselves. The first night the kids stayed with us. We played, watched t.v., and ate at the Moonlight Bistro.
I'm so glad we can be our silly self's anywhere we go.
 We walked around Mentone's little shops and went to Brow Park
We drove to some old friends/family's house to hang out and catch up.
 We took the kids to stay the night with my mom. First time in a while!

 Then we went and took a horse ride to a waterfall!
 I picked out our anniversary activities this year, next year is Logan's turn.
I can't wait to see what he comes up.
Logan enjoyed the horse riding much more than he thought he would.
I loved the horses and the sounds and sights of nature.
After our horse ride, we went and supported Heritage Wire in Music for a Cure Fest, then we headed to Skin Deep to get some tattoos we had been wanting to get for a while. I finally got Alexandria's name, a memorial feather with my sisters name , and Logan's handwriting saying "I love you." Logan got a memorial tattoo for his grandmother and grandfather who both battled cancer and "I love you" in my handwriting.
We got to spend the next day relaxing at the cabin. It was so quiet without the kids and although we enjoyed some alone time, we were happy to go pick up the kids. 

Logan and I started dating in April 2005 when I was just 14. A couple years after that we decided we wanted a family and a life together. We had some really rocky moments and there were times when I thought we weren't going to make it, but we always came together and worked it out. We've finally learned how to handle each others stubbornness and love for each other and now we couldn't be happier. We have our days where we get aggravated with one another, but rarely do we have real fights anymore. We've learned to let the small stuff go and just enjoy each day. These nine years has went by incredibly fast and I can't wait to see what else our future holds. I love you Logan and Happy Anniversary!


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