April 2014

We were busy in April. Plain and simple. I took too many pictures and this post is too long. But hey this blog is for my kids. I hope they look back on this and remember some of these fun moments together, and if they can't remember at least there's photographic proof that we enjoyed each other and had fun doing it.
We played outside.
We went for rides.
We enjoyed the sunsets
an independence.
And we got tattoos.
We had nap times in Mommy's arms, and at the dinner table.
We played dress up, and ignored the messes.
 We made cool Tye-dye shirts and sand art.
We made silly faces.
We went to a book fair on pirate day.
We took medicine and pictures.
We wore scarfs, sunglasses, and flip flops and made music.
Hands in shirts gives comfort, somehow.
Sweet smiles from charming girls.
We curled our hair just because we could.
We went to birthday parties.
We ate sticky sweet candy rock suckers.
Hand in shirt naps on mom.
Hello kitty dress up game on the pad.
A cute and funny boy.
Falling asleep in a dog pile... I was on bottom :(
Nursing my 17 month old girl
Cute little bows that a little girl refuses to wear.
Victoria mugs and sister hugs.
I already miss her little hands holding mine.
We went out to eat with Amy and Keith.
We snuggled and cuddled.
And made even more silly faces.
We loved each other.
We played battleship, and Nikolai was one hit away from beating me.
We reminisced on old photos.
And we took the bows out of our hair and stared at them like what the f is this?!
We soothed babies when they were scared of the car wash.
I took a selfie and planted some awesome plants,
 And fell in love with these pants and monogrammed shirts
They took car naps.
 We went out to eat a lot and ate too much pizza.
 We made fat baby cheeks.
 Cute baby naps, and naps with hands in her own shirt.
We ate snow cones and ice cream!
and took sweet sister naps.

Looking back over these photos reminds me of how much I have. I have an amazing family full of life. Sometimes I get down about never doing anything or socializing, but I do a lot, it's just with my family. And really, there's no place else I'd rather be. I love you guys so much. Life wouldn't be life without ya'll!


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