Tornados and Preparedness

On April 29th, just three years and a few hours after the April 28th tornado outbreak that hit several states, DeKalb County was hit again. It hit areas of Fort Payne, though the damage was nothing like 2011 tornadoes. It roughed up our place with some tin folded back and underpinning bent. Everything on our porch was to one side or out in the woods. We were extremely lucky. We had 8 to 9 huge trees down in our drive way. The neighbor had a tree on their place and across the road, another neighbors house was split in two. The family's chicken houses were hit badly.

On the 28th when I had gotten off work, I came home to a very concerned and prepared Logan. I've never seen Logan so concerned about a storm before. I, myself hardly ever worry about the weather, because it is so unpredictable, it's going to do what it's going to do and there's no stopping it. Even with that as my mindset, I love preparedness. I love having bug-out bags ready all the time. Logan had the truck packed when I got home. We each had a change of clothes, medicine, first aid bag, ax, maddox, water jug, rifle, pistol, basic tool set, and probably more.We went to stay at his Aunt's house which is just down the hill. It's an older house and protected by the hill.
 Logan woke me and the kids up at 1:00 a.m. Still half asleep, he stuck us in the bath tub and placed mattresses on top of us. We heard the wind, the rain, the thunder. He eventually let us out and we went back to bed. When I woke up the next morning I learned that Logan did not sleep all night. He was too worried to sleep. Which sucked because he had a big test at school the next day.

I was surprised at the damage all around us when I woke up. On one end of our road the creek overflowed and on the other end, a bus got downed power lines wrapped in it's axil, with kids on the bus. (Glad my kids don't ride the bus.) Needless to say, my kids didn't go to school and I was 4 hours late going into work. We parked our vehicles in the stack house which got hit. Thankfully all of our vehicles were okay, just covered in leafs and chicken shit. Yeah smelled fantastic for a few days. But I was lucky to have a car.

Here's a few pictures from the morning after:
 Logan swears this cloud looks like a hand.

This is where my car was parked. There used to be a building there.
This picture is from part of our driveway.
Our drive way was inaccessible. A 2 minute four-wheeler ride turned into a 30 minute ride. I'm glad we were basically prepared. With three small kids, preparedness can save you from going insane. I've always said, preparedness is key, and I have my wonderful husband to thank for his hard work in preparing us for bad weather.


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