Life Lessons From a Girl Beyond Her Years

Is it strange to say I am trying to live my life more like my four-year old does? Naturally, with being a child, she sees the world in a completely different view from me. But, I believe her view is better. Every day she claims that "today is the best day ever!" She says it so confidently, so sure that today is really the best day. Not thinking of yesterdays or days past, not thinking of the future or days to come. Today. Today is the best day ever. One simple joyous moment makes her day the best day. I want to live my life like that. I want every day to be the best day, and believe me, I've been trying. It's actually quite hard for me. I see beauty and joy in every day, but I also see and feel the bad, the annoyances, and the stresses. I hope as years past Victoria keeps this quality in her life. I think life would be much happier with this positive mindset. I truly believe people live longer and more satisfied when they hold positive mindsets throughout their lives. Victoria also keeps me and Logan feeling good, as she often states "you are the best mommy ever!" or "you are the bestest dad in the world!" I know we may not be the best, but we are the best we can be, and perhaps the best for her. I love that my children are wise, perhaps with not even knowing it, but they are. I love that I can learn just as much from them as they can from me.
I love you Victoria, every single thing about you. My wish for you is that you live your life in its entirety believing that everyday is truly the best day ever and finding all the beauty that others seem to so easily overlook.
Love, Mom.


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