Trying New Things in March 2014

In the past few months we've learned something. Spontaneity is awesome. We've found that when ever we decide to go somewhere spontaneously, we have a lot more fun. I'm not sure why, but it's just more fun. We decided to go to Cathedral Caverns and Tigers for Tomorrow and both turned into fun successful trips for our family. I already blogged about Cathedral Caverns, but this post surrounds our Tigers for Tomorrow trip. 

In March we dressed comfy for the trip to see the tigers, and with only 30 minutes or less to the location we let the kids guess where we were going. We arrived happily and surprisingly after some pesky GPS mis-navigations. I will mention that the drive way and parking lot could use some work or I would suggest driving a truck. Big signs also would not hurt people's arrival time. One of the rules is that you can not take pictures unless you pay for a higher priced tour option. This was totally out of my normal operations, I am all pictures. But, I also like saving money. So I decided to leave the camera and enjoy the day without having any photographic proof. We walked slowly and took everything in while the kids had a blast. They were in great moods and stayed that way. One thing I will probably never forget is the signs that say "no running," because of course, Alexandria took off running. When she took off running, a tiger and a mountain lion jumped and ran after her along their cages. It was creepy at how fast it happened and how much commotion it caused amongst the animals. Once that happened all the animals perked up and stared at her like she was lunch. Logan was walking behind us staring them down. I never felt that Alexandria was in danger, but if those fences and cages were not there, she would be a goner! Another thing that is going to be hard to forget was the story a lady told us about a friend of her husbands who was eaten by a bear. She said that woman went to visit her boyfriend in Alaska where he was studying bears. One day the boyfriend told the girlfriend to turn the camera on because the bears were acting funny. She turned the camera on and both of them were recorded being attacked, killed, and eaten by bears. Crazy story. But anyways, we bought souvenirs at the end of the trip with all the money going back to Tigers for Tomorrow. The kids each picked out a stuffed animal. Nikolai and Victoria picked out wolves, and Alexandria picked out a fox. Logan bought a Grizzly bear t-shirt and I got the joy of taking my family to something we all enjoyed. On our way home we stopped at the new DayLight Doughnuts shop in Fort Payne. We all enjoyed a doughnut or two before going home. We had a great spontaneous day and I hope we can do more spontaneous things soon!
 This is what Victoria picked out to wear to go on an adventure.


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