Moments From Our March 2014

 Celebrated Katie getting married. Love this woman!
 A fat Logan!
Spending time with Uncle Gage and Aunt Amber
 Daddy Daughter time
 Time in the corner and pictures with daddy
 Cute spunky sassy girl
 Brother and Sister
 So sweet
 More spunkiness
 T-ball games
 Time outdoors
 Shaved head...
 Mean girl in a cute dress!
 Day out with the girls
 Sun in our eyes and haircuts
 Peanut butter sandwiches in the floor
 Best friends 50% of the time
 A brother who crashes the sister party..
 Drug reps who bring donuts are awesome. Hole punchers who throw up are not.
 and smiles
 Photographic proof that they like each other.
Pot belly naps
 Cute girl
 Legs crossed and talking on the phone
Family war games
 Making fun of daddy for the way he spelled brownie
 Beautiful girl at brother's t-ball practice
 Towels on head like mom.
 Lot of flowers for mom.


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