My First Blog Post

On August 9th, 2010, I wrote my first blog post. I didn't know where to start. I eventually made a new blog because I messed that one up, but I was looking back and thought I'd post this simple rambling of my days with two small children. I'm glad I started blogging to remember things and to save the pictures for my children. I think they will enjoying seeing where we were at in a certain time of our lives. The good and the bad. Maybe they will read it and understand me more and hopefully feel how truly and deeply I love them. I love you kids, more than you'll ever know, love mom.

Where Should I Start?

I wish I would have started this a long time ago, started with their births and wrote everyday and saved each memory i could recall at the end of the day. My children are growing up before my eyes and it makes me sad to think that one day they'll be grown and on their own, they wont stay these little sweet loving goofy children I call mine, but at the same time im also looking forward to the people they will become, im looking forward to school, prom, dating, cars, football games, cheerleading, karate, piano or whatever other hobbys they pick up along the way. One day they'll be grown but they will always be my babies. For now i'll just enjoy everday and write as often as i can to preserve my memories for them.

Today, i woke up to a little girl staring at me, loving me, and smiling big. I fed her, wrapped her up in my arms and kissed her. Today, i woke my little boy up with a kiss so he could watch his favorite cartoon, Scooby Doo.I fed him his favorite cereal and he gave me kisses on the cheek.
I cleaned and picked up toys that would be scattered on the floor again in a matter of minutes, atleast their having fun right? They are just now starting to fight over toys, oh what fun to come.
I gave them both a bath, both smiling at me. I smiled at them because they are both so happy. Victoria loves the water and Nikolai just loves giving all his cars a bath. I get them ready to go bye-bye. Nikolai loves going bye-bye and can't wait to get out the door and into the car, Victoria on the other hand hates bye-bye and absolutely hates the car. I took Nikolai to his MawMaw so I can take Victoria to her 6 month check-up. I hate leaving him, he cried to go with us, and I cried on the inside as I left him. Victoria was in a great mood until it was time for shots :(
I hate having to hold her down while they stick her over and over, 2 in each leg, 1 in the arm, 1 in the mouth, and her toe stuck to check for iron. Her iron was low, guess thats common in breastfed babies. I'm also pretty sad about weaning her and starting her on formula. Breastfeeding is such a beautiful natural thing, and i will truly miss it. I picked Nikolai up from his MawMaws and got hugs :) We came home and played, napped, and ate together. Tonight isn't over yet though, we still have bathtime and bedtime to go and maybe some "me" time for a shower and scrapbooking. Tomorrow we will do it all over again and hopefully love it just as much.


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