Gem Mining and The Three Bears in Pigeon Forge TN

One of our favorite parts of the trip was the Gem Mining. We bought a $15.00 bucket of sand and split it between the four of us, (Alexandria was snoozing). We took a scoop of sand and placed it in the sifter, dunked it in the water, bounced it up and down, and then appeared the gem stones. We placed your stones in a bag and took them inside to be evaluated. This place will take your stones and cut them into beautiful jewelery, but we decided to just keep our stones as souvenirs. I loved how it was educational for the kids to see the different gems and minerals that they collected. I definitely recommend this place for all ages!
 My crazy husband.... I'm not sure what he was doing...but I love him anyways.
After the gem mining we went to the Three Bears store. I remember going there as a child and thought my children would like to have the memory of seeing bears too. The attraction is really cheap around $3.00 per person, and my children enjoyed it. We bought a cup of fruit and nuts to feed the bears. The bears were enjoyable to watch. They would chase grapes and the kids got to witness how long a bear's tongue is. There was a very lazy bear that wouldn't get up to eat, you had to throw the food close enough that he could reach it without getting up. With being older, I feel sad for these bears, but at least they are well fed.


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