Chattanooga, Tennessee

In February we took an overnight trip to Chattanooga, TN. With three kids, we rarely take overnight trips, but we decided that the kids would be in better moods if we woke up and didn't have to do any traveling. Normally I have everything planned out for a weekend of fun, but since we were on the fence about going, I didn't plan anything. When I got home from work we finally decided to pack and go. We rented a hotel room just outside of town. It was Victoria and Alexandria's first time to ever stay in a hotel. Victoria was very skeptical and leery about it. When we pulled up, I told the kids that this is where we would be staying the night, Victoria stated "I don't know about this guys." After walking into the room, Victoria was amazed and very happy with the room, she thought it was awesome. Before we left she stated "I want to stay here for-ever!" We ate at Taco Bell that night and had a lot of fun being goofy as a family. The next morning we woke up and decided to go to IHOP because our kids love pancakes! Bad idea. I think everyone in Chattanooga decided to go there, we waited forever, and the food took forever. After that we decided to go on a boat ride, but the tickets were sold inside the aquarium, and apparently everyone decided to go to the aquarium too. We ended up missing the boat so we decided that since we were already there we would go to the Tennessee Aquarium. We enjoyed half-priced tickets for college days, (WOO! I love discounts). After that we went to Chuck-E-Cheese's, the kids had a lot of fun there and I was thankful that it wasn't as chaotic as the first time we went there. All the kids loud noises and kids screaming can make parents swear to never return. Then we went shopping at Guitar Center, The World Market, and Toys-R-US. Here's a few pictures from our adventure (as the kids call it).

Why is it so hard to get a good picture of these three together??


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