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Walking In Gatlinburg, TN

Mr. Fowler trying out the random outhouse on the sidewalk At the fountain in The Village, love that one kid had to close their eyes in both pictures, lol I love my kids.

Cades Cove National Park

Cades Cove in the Smokey Mountains is a beautiful place that I remember visiting several times in my childhood. I was amazed when I learned that Logan had never been. It has been several years since my last visit and I was eager to show my family this amazing piece of land. I remember hiking for miles to see waterfalls and cabins. However, with three small children, hiking wasn't really an option for us this time, but I hope we can in the future. In the past I remember seeing wild bears, deer, turkeys, and snakes. This time we saw largely deer and turkey. Logan was in love with the abundance of wild life, the scenic drive, and the gorgeous views. I love this place for those things, but I also enjoy the history of it which you can read here: