Trying to Enjoy as Time Flies By

On February 1st, Logan and I went to see the comedian Henry Cho at the Stardome in Hoover, AL. We had a great time! Fun date night for us, but it ended up turning into our first night ever without Alexandria. We missed our little cuddle bug so much, and I had to pump a few times, which I hate to do. The following Tuesday, we went to the Loomis Bros.Circus! Nikolai's favorite part was when the baby elephant pooped on the ground, he has went on and on about this for several days now. Victoria's favorite part was the tigers who jumped through the ring of fire. This was Alexandria's first Circus, but she wasn't too interested just yet.
 Friday night was the last night that Victoria would be 3 years old. 
This made me so sad. I was not ready to see my girl turn the big 4.
 We decided to paint our nails pink and put pink dye in our hair for her Pinkie Pie Party
We spent some time cuddling and taking silly pictures. 
I tried to soak in the last night of her being 3.
 Daddy Bear even helped me paint Alexandria's nails for the first time.
She did so good and fell asleep shortly after.
 As time keeps on flying by without letting me catch a breath, I'm trying my best to enjoy my children and all the awesomeness they bring to my life. I look forward to a life full of loving my kids and all the silly moments I enjoy so much!


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