Snowmageddon, Snow Ball Fights, and Snow Cream

Here in Alabama we typically get on average two good snow dusting's a year, nothing that really sticks. In January we got a few good inches to play in and we were happy. We didn't expect to get anymore, but we did. The past few days has been filled with rain, snow, sleet, and ice. We woke up Tuesday to around 6 inches of beautiful white snow that brightened our rooms. We got the kids dressed in thermals and layers of warm clothes and got dressed ourselves. Alexandria had a cold, what's new right? She had to stay inside and miss out on the fun. Logan salted the steps and everyone made it safely down, except... me. I didn't even touch the first step and I slid on the ice and fell down the steps. Logan had a good laugh, I ended up with a sore butt, torso, and arms. After shaking it off, we went on a walk in our own little winter wonderland. We had a few great snow ball fights, we attempted to make a snowman, and we made snow angels. We tricked the kids into standing underneath trees full of snow and vigorously shook them, twice! Nikolai thought it was awesome, Victoria nearly cried. I proceeded to fall again and Victoria had to show just how much a part of me she really is and fell countless times. Me and Logan made our first batch of snow cream, neither of us had ever made it before. I think I was doing a really good job until Logan added an additional teaspoon of vanilla or three. It ended up being delicious and the kids loved it. Me and the kids made no cook peppermint play dough. (I'm really getting into all the uses for peppermint oil.) The kids made friends out of balloons. I love how Victoria called hers girlfriend. Wednesday the snow melted and then later that night it began snowing again. We woke up today to about 6 inches of snow again. I had to go back to work after 2 days off, but Logan took the kids out for a long walk. They spotted deer tracks and birds and that made Nikolai's day. Uncle Jimmy took them 4-wheeling and they got to ride a redneck sled behind the 4-wheeler. They had a pretty awesome day and that makes me happy. I'm looking forward to the next Snowmageddon!


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