A Pinkie Pie Party

Victoria is all about some My Little Pony's and has been set on a Pinkie Pie Party for a while now. Because I'm working, I had less time to devote to making everything homemade like I like to do. Luckily, Wal-Mart had everything I needed to make a great party. I bought table clothes, bead necklaces, party poppers, candy, banners, plates, forks, napkins, and party hats. The balloons came from Traci's floral shop in Fort Payne.

 We tore off the labels and made our own Party Cannon labels! The kids loved these.

Victoria loves anything sweet so we had a good assortment of candy 

I made my first batch of Pink Lemonade Punch and served it in my Mason Jar dispenser.
My brother-n-law named the punch After-Shock, it may have had a little kick to it.

 I didn't have the time to finish the centerpieces, and even though these look rough, it still looked good amongst everything else.

Her cake came from Bruce's Food Land in Fort Payne. They always make great cakes that are affordable. After Victoria blew out her candle, Alexandria was eager to get into it as you can see by the smudged name.

 I ordered a custom iron-on transfer from leesaatulimatetransfers on Ebay for $4.75 total!
The quality and color were great and the directions were easy to follow.
Victoria loved it!

 It's so hard to get this beautiful girl to smile for the camera even though she was smiling a lot.

 She loved her decorations, all the ponies, the candy, the ballons, and most of all, the pink.

 Me with the Birthday Girl!
 This girl caused raucous. She ripped and tore table clothes, turned on the drink dispenser, took handfuls of cake, threw food, threw her cup, and more. I remember looking over at the food table to see where she was and all I could see was a tiny little hand reaching up and grabbing a cookie, then another one. Shortly after she walked around with two cookies, one for her and one for her daddy.

 Victoria loved all of her presents, and all of the people that came to her party!
She says next year she wants a purple pony party, oh goodness!


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