My Spunky Fashionista

Victoria Ashlynn.
She loves hats, scarfs, boots, and sunglasses.
Only occasionally does she like to wear bows.
She hates for anyone to brush or touch her hair.
She's very independent and loves to dress herself.
She's picky about what she wears!
Don't suggest she wears anything or you've had it!
This girl has more shoes than I do, but that's okay.
She often has on boots, rather it be rain, suede, leather, cowboy or fur.
She loves changing her earrings weekly.
She loves Hello Kitty, My Little Pony, Scooby-Doo, Power Rangers, and PawPatrol.
She loves pink, zebra, and leopard print.
She's a rough-n-tough tomboy when she wants to be.
But she loves looking cute too!
She can throw a punch and wrestle with the big boys. 
She loves shopping, especially at Wal-Mart.
She loves to get out of the house, loaferin' and going to thrift stores.
She absolutely loves candy, ice cream, and anything strawberry. 
She has a favorite pink silk blanket that she's had forever.
She's definitely spunky!
And she's often heard saying things like: 
"whats the big idea?"
"your crazy"
and "that makes no sense"
She makes us laugh and she gives us oh so much joy.

The other night she asked me to read her a bed-time story, and feeling rather exhausted I made  up a very short but cute story about a mommy and her daughter. When I was done, she stated that she wanted to make up a story for me. I can't remember all the details or her exact wording, but this is how it went:

There was a little princess and her mommy that lived in a cottage, they were at home eating at their round round table. The little girl ran outside to play and she ran into the deep, dark, scary forest, (her voice changing and use of hands to demonstrate spooky were awesome). The little girl got lost, and a dragon appeared. The dragon breathed fire and started chasing the little girl. The little girl ran home and ran inside, but her mommy wasn't there, (great twist for a 3 year old). The dragon breathed fire and burnt the house down. He then picked up the girl with his claws and flew up into the air. (Love this part), the mommy was at Wal-Mart. buying candy... when she walked out of the store to see the dragon in the air, holding her little girl. The mommy screamed, and the dragon ate the little girl! (oh my gosh, my 3 year-old just killed the main character, I was shocked!). I started asking questions, like what did the mommy do? was she crying? what happened next? She was like mom, just wait. "There was a knight! with a sword! and a shield!" She paused... "It was dad." He stabbed the dragon in the belly and killed it. He got the little girl out of the dragon's stomach and they went home. I was like what about the mommy? She was at home making breakfast and they ate together. The end.

Wow my little girl can tell a pretty awesome story! I love her imagination!


  1. How funny and cute! I love that the knight was her daddy, and that the mom always seems to be caught up with what they are going to eat next!


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