2013 Christmas Activities

This year we didn't do quite as many activities as we normally do. We didn't go to places we had thought about, like The Polar Express or Christmas on the Rocks. A lot of it due to the rainy weather that took over. Instead, we tried to stay home and relax and enjoy being with the kids. Victoria and Alexandria didn't even get to see Santa this year, but we did our normal Christmas traditions.

We decorated the tree:

We made Christmas ornaments:
We went to the Christmas Parade:

We went to Nikolai's school play and party:

 We went to another great Christmas Party!

 We went to Eddie's to get ornaments and gawk over the beautiful trees:

 And of course, we made our yummy Christmas cookies at home and at my Mom's:

 This isn't really an activity, but more of a confession...
I murdered the Christmas tree this year.
There were children witnesses.
Logan walked into the room and saw me...
I couldn't get the lights off the Christmas tree and the baby was getting into stuff and well..
I just started "man-handling" the tree as Logan puts it.
He said I went all Hulk on the tree.
I did throw the tree on the porch just so I could get the lights off. 
So I admit it, I killed our family Christmas tree of 2013.


  1. I love that you man handled the tree! lol I can just see your tiny body throwing a ginormous tree outside and then you huffing around all mad. Now when you look back you know it's hilarious! I do that crap all the time.

  2. Yeah I figured it would be a funny reminder, Logan was having a field day making fun of me lol. I swear I get irritated with the stupidest things sometimes. You should share some of your crazy moments!


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