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Snow Day!

Yesterday it snowed and we got to play in it! Snow in Alabama is not uncommon, but snow that actually sticks and stays on the ground is. When our roads became slick, our schools and places of employment closed. I slid around on my way home just going 5 mph. I stopped to check on a vehicle that was in the ditch to make sure no one was in it. I saw a couple fender benders, and 18-wheelers that were having trouble going up the hill. When I finally made it home, I told the kids we could play in it. I was planning to take Nikolai and Victoria out to play when Alexandria took a nap, but I got a text from my sister-n-law that they were on there way to play in the snow with us, so I bundled the kids up and out we went. We had a snow ball fight, even though the snow was so powdery. We learned that Alexandria does not like to have snow thrown in her face, and neither does Nikolai. But payback is payback and that's just what you get! I didn't even realize that this was Alexandria and Al…

A Hunting/Cathedral Caverns Kind of Weekend

This weekend started with picking up my three oldest nephews, a lot of pizza and some movies. Early Saturday morning Logan took all three of them hunting for the first time. They ate pizza for breakfast and then Logan went over some safety guidelines and some valuable tips. It was so cold, but they layered up and had feet and hand warmers. After a few hours they came back and relaxed for a while. We ate some chilli and then they went back to hunt again. They finally saw a deer, but it ran! I think they enjoyed it and hope they can go again next year.
Deven, Isaiah, and Dalton  Logan's blind that he set up. He stole my pretty pallet :(  I bought him a propane heater attachment so they could stay warm inside and it's proved very useful.
Today we had to go to Scottsboro so we could pick up some engineer gadget that Logan needed. While I waited in the car with three sleeping kids I googled local area attractions and Cathedral Caverns popped up. We asked the kids if they wanted t…