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Christmas is Coming to Town!

We kicked off the 2013 Christmas season with some crafts and decorating!
 I found this cute calendar on Pinterest. I colored it and Nikolai added a cotton ball. Tomorrow Victoria will add one. They will take turns adding them until Christmas Eve is here.

 They both picked out coloring sheets to put on the refrigerator.
 I found some free and cute printables.
 This one means Merry Christmas!
 We have a few Santa's hanging around
 We decorated the kids tree last night. I was upset over the Iron Ball game and needed something to cheer me up. The kids had fun and Alexandria's face was priceless. Her jaw dropped, her eyes grew big, and then in a fluid like motion a big smile appeared on her face.
 We got out Family Bear. He's actually Nikolai's bear from  2008, but I told the kids he was now a family bear that has to be shared. Victoria's been hogging him a little.
After the kids had a bath we put on their Christmas pajamas. Hello Kitty gowns for the girls and Grin…