Our Halloween Decor

 This year money was tight, but I didn't let it hold us back from some spooky decorations.
I probably spent less than $5.00 on decorations. 
I used decorations we already had, and re-purposed some stuff around the house to make some new ones.
We were given several pumpkins and we were thankful.

 Free pumpkins, an old pallet from Logan's work, and a 98 cent banner from Wal-Mart.

 I had some bottle labels that I had left over from Nikolai's Cowboy Party.

 I made us a little Halloween counter

 Our Crazy Fussy Owl from Dollar Tree

 And a creepy bat, also from Dollar Tree

 I never did put this in a frame like I meant to, but oh well, still cute.

Dish towels and oven mitts I bought on clearance last year.

 This was our Halloween Display for 2013!

It's so easy and cheap to create a fun Halloween Display
Hope ours inspired you in some way
I had someone let me know they copied some of my decorations after seeing mine!
How awesome!

Other things in our display not mentioned:
 Candy Corn and Pumpkin Candy in a Mason Jar
Ghostly suckers
Purple Mesh
Orange Halloween Lights


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