House Warming Shower

In 2012 my mom's house burnt to the ground. I was blessed with an awesome mom who got my two nephews out of the house keeping them from any harm. She did have some burns, scratches, and singed hair, but overall she was okay and we were happy for that. I don't know what I would do without my mom. 

 This is what was left...

 That big box is the fridge...

 My mom's bedroom.

 My mom lost her car and still has not gotten another one yet.

Hopefully that will change soon.

I have never known anyone close to me that lost everything in a fire. Pictures, mementos, licenses, birth certificates, clothes, appliances, a car, everything. Everything gone in an instant. Losing everything is a very hard process. Mentally, your thinking for days, months, probably years about things that were lost, things you wish you can have back. Luckily I put a lot of our family pictures out in my moms garage, so she has a lot of pictures she once thought were lost in the fire. Pictures of my sisters when they were little. Pictures of my sister who passed away in 2011. When you have someone so close pass away, pictures and memories are all you have left and they are precious. Having a house fire so close after the death of my sister was another blow to my mom's world. I also lost a lot of material things in the fire. All of mine and Logan's wedding presents was at my moms. All of our stuff that we had been given, bought, and saved for our future house was there. My children's memory books were there. Their hospital birth certificates with their feet prints, hospital bracelets, little mementos, important items that served as memory tokens. They are all gone. Through the loss of these items I learned that you can only keep so much stuff, and all of it can be taken away in the blink of an eye. Material items are not important even though they may help us remember special moments.

When word got around about my mom's loss, we were shocked at how the community pulled together to help. Organizations, companies, churches, and good-hearted people gave so much to my mom. Money, hygiene products, clothes, furniture, etc. We were so thankful to all of them.With the money she was able to buy a used mobile home. Her church gave her a house warming shower, and then we gave her one to help fill her new home. These are the pictures:

 (So Alisha could be there with us, I miss her so much)
 I love you mom, I know you won't be happy about these pictures being on here,
but I think your awesome and beautiful, so get over it :)


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