A Fowler Halloween: 2013

I finally did it! I finally talked  Logan and the kids into dressing up as a family! But, we didn't do it. We had planned to be Indians and Nikolai wanted to be our family wolf. I was so excited and had picked out costumes. But...on a trip to Wal-Mart, Nikolai and Victoria spotted power ranger outfits. They left my "family of Indians" idea in the dust and never came back. I can't blame them, I think I was a power ranger one Halloween when I was little. Victoria had to be the Pink Ranger. My cousin and I always fought over who got to be the pink one when we were little, so I thought it was fitting that Victoria got to be the Pink one. Nikolai had to be the red one! I let them pick out a weapon to go with, daggers and nun-chucks.

 Victoria has been wearing her costume since Halloween.
She loves dressing up and pretending.
Nikolai had to throw in some super cool ninja moves and poses!

On Halloween we attended Wills Valley Elementary Halloween Costume Parade. 
We didn't know what to expect, but we ended up loving it.
Victoria dressed up and stood with me as we waited to see Nikolai walk by.
I loved how all the teachers dressed up, some of them smurfs, but most of them Super Heroes.
I loved the variety of costumes that the kids displayed.
I also loved that the kids had Halloween music to walk to, made it more festive.
I loved the Alabama Football Player and the Dirty Homeless kid with a sign that read "Will Work 4 Candy"
What cute homemade costumes!

When Nikolai got home we had the table decorated with Halloween stuff.
We ate hot dogs and chips n dip and had orange n vanilla ice cream with candy corn for dessert.
We got the kids dressed and took a few pictures.
Then we were off to Trick or Treat before bad weather arrived.
My awesomely awesome power rangers!
Red Ranger Nik!

Pink Ranger Vic!

Our cutie patootie, Miss Alexandria as "Chunky Monkey"
We've called her Chunky Monkey since she was little so this costume was perfect!
 This was her First Halloween!!!!

The kids got a lot of candy and we had a great Halloween.
All three kids were in great moods so it was really enjoyable. 
I love my kids so much!
Aren't they gorgeous?



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