A Few of Our Fall Activities

 Halloween Cookies

This year we made Halloween cookies for the first time.
We always make Christmas cookies so it was fun to mix things up a bit.
New shapes and icing colors definitely made it fun for me.
I wasn't sure how to make black, but with some experimenting I figured it out.
Moments I don't want to forget:
 When Nikolai breathed into the flour bag and it flew up in his face. He had flour everywhere and we just giggled.Victoria kept eating the raw cookie dough and licking the flour which she insisted was sugar. She does not get the difference in flour and sugar, I guess because they are both white. While icing the cookies the kids could not keep from licking the excess from their fingers. They were truly "made with love." I loved watching their imaginations as they decorated. Sometimes they made their own creation and sometimes they tried to copy mine. We had a good laugh over the one-legged ghost cat cookie.

Making Potions

When I was a little my cousin and I would make potions outside. 
In a huge metal bowl, we would add flowers, waters, and random things we found.
We would mix them together and pretend to be witches making poitions.
It was all innocent fun, nothing dark and evil.
Our Aunt Peggy did not see it that way though, she would make us quit. 
I never saw the harm in letting kids pretend so I suggested to my kids that they make potions.
They mixed water and grass and would say Abracadabra!
The enjoyed this activity, but not as much as I remembered enjoying it.

Alexandria's First Pumpkin

With the first two kids I painted with them all the time.
With Alexandria, it was a bit of a disaster.
She fought me immediately after we did a few hand prints.
She had paint all over me and her.

Roasting Marshmallows

We missed the annual bonfire that we usually go to this year and the kids really wanted to have a fire.
The kids were so excited when we told them there was a fire in the back yard.
They roasted marshmallows, but quickly decided they didn't like them.
Me, Logan, and Pawpaw ended up eating them.
Alexandria ate a non-roasted marshmallow, but we had to go inside and rinse her off.
What a sticky mess, at least she enjoyed it.
When we came inside, Nikolai had marshmallow everywhere.
A melted one his his shoulder, a squished one on the bottom of his shoe...
remnants of a sticky one smeared across his face.
Really, seriously kid?


 Alexandria and Alice

 Gage and Alice stopped by one day. What a pleasant suprise.
I enjoyed watching Alice feed Alexandria Kix cereal.
Alice is walking so good now and Alexandria's just starting.
I was a little nervous with two walking babies.
I hope these two grow up to be great friends!

Playing in the Leaves

 We raked some leaves together and jumped in!
Alexandria didn't know what to think at first.
She crawled around, stopping each time the crunching got too loud.
She eventually saw that there was nothing to fear.
She even decided to take a bite of a couple when I wasn't looking.
Nikolai and Victoria had a blast running and jumping in.
I hope to do it again soon as there is a ton more leaves on the ground now.


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