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Happy Birthday Dear Alexandria

A year ago my third child entered into the world at 1:54 p.m. My emotions ran high and I was unsure of many things. This year has been a tough, but enjoyable year. Alexandria was sick a lot of the time which meant long restless nights and grouchy attitudes. But, my heart has grown and I feel wiser and more mature than I did a year ago. I guess you can't progress in life if you don't have problems and trials to work through and this year has provided many. Not only have I grown, I have seen a huge growth in my husband. He's hardly the man he was a year ago. He has became a better husband, father, and man. Alexandria is a huge daddy's girl and it has changed him and gave me perspective, as oddly as that sounds. I had to deal with leaving her 4 days a week for 3 months when she turned two months old. I know many mother's work, but it was extremely difficult for me and I dealt with a large amount of mommy guilt. I was blessed to spend most of the year at home with her…

Alexandria: The End of 11 Months