Apple Bar & Time Outdoors

I haven't done many crafts with the kids this week because I bought Candy Land and we've played it every single night this week, several times! The kids love games and we normally play Go Fish or Old Maid, but I needed a change. They absolutely love Candy Land and can't get enough of it. We even got Daddy Bear to play once. I decided today that I needed to do something fun and new. After supper, I made an apple bar. That's what I'm calling it, couldn't think of a better word for it. But anyways, my kids loved it! I think this will be a new fall tradition from now on. I think next year I will make a bigger one.

Apple chunks with tooth picks
Carmel dip
Halloween sprinkles
Crushed graham crackers

After we ate apples, the kids wanted to go for a walk to check the mail and to collect firewood so we could roast marshmallows. We got the mail, but we didn't collect enough wood for a fire. Guess we'll be enlisting Daddy's help tomorrow! We also found sticks and made sling shots with rubber bands. Who knew that avocado pits were the perfect sling shot weapon? The kids had a blast with those.
 What a fun evening.
 Good night y'all!


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