Alexandria: 11 Months

11 months.... ELEVEN Months?!?!
Oh my gosh where has the time gone?
One month left till my sweet baby is officially a toddler.
She's starting to take more steps. 5 in a row today!
She hasn't said any new words yet, just more noises.
Good news, she's not sick right now. Knock on wood.
Shoe size: 4 wide
New hobby: biting mommy's boobie
Is starting to understand what ouch means.
Nickname: Braveheart
She's fearless, climbs everything. 
She's smart too!
She can get off an adult bed and couch without help and without falling
Loves her brother and sister something crazy!
Is beginning to be happy in the car. Which takes a huge stress off of me.
 Prefers to be held by Mommy.
Shows more affection to Daddy.
Eating more and more table food and less baby food.
Loves yoohoo and chocolate milk.... :)
Has started head banging and dancing whenever music is on!
Likes to put her feet in my shirt.
Hates to be covered up!!
Prefers to be cold.
Puts EVERYTHING into her mouth.
Has an extremely contagious smile and laugh.
 I love you Alexandria Konstantine!


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