A Busy, Not So Busy, Weekend

We started the weekend off with a trip to the fair. 
I guess my dad was feeling like a generous grandpa and gave the kids money to spend.
Thanks Dad! We love you!
 Logan wore the baby for the first time!!!!
 Huge pumpkins!
 Piggy Pig!
 Alexandria's favorite animals: Goats!
 Nikolai and Victoria played plenty of games.
 They rode rides happily.
 (Look at that face!)
 The kids had a blast and didn't want to leave.

After the fair, we rushed to a family get together.
 Lots of yummy food and a chance to catch up with family.
 Alexandria loves her uncle Sammy.
Look at that sweet smile!

 After that, we dropped the kids off at my mom's house so we could have a break from Alexandria.
She had been sick all week and keeping us up at night, and we were exhausted.
I about fell asleep on the way home, it was so quiet.
No kids screaming, crying, fighting, or asking an endless stream of questions.
Me and Logan watched some t.v. and then took a nap. 
We woke up and decided to go out to eat. 
It's been about 6 months since we've been kid free.
 We went to Santa Fe, watched some Alabama football, and enjoyed some good food.
I enjoyed a red neck tea, but then had to do some quick research on how long alcohol stayed in breast milk.
It was odd yet relaxing to be out without kids.
 I enjoyed talking to, laughing, and just being with my husband.
Nine years of being together, we've had some rough moments, but we are still in love.
I love when we have the same thoughts, when our eyes meet, and when we tell each other something new.
When we were about to leave we saw some old friends come in and they joined us.
It was so nice to sit and talk to other adults and have fun.
I thoroughly enjoyed our evening without kids, but we went and picked them up when we were done. 

On Sunday, we woke up early and went to Taco Bet.
We didn't find anything, but we enjoyed walking around with the kids.
The kids enjoyed seeing dogs, chickens, and goats.
We eventually wondered back home where we just relaxed for the remainder of the day.


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