5 Days of Fall Activities

Monday: Me and the kids made pumpkin bread. After supper, I served it with a scoop of vanilla and chocolate ice cream. The kids loved it and wanted more!

Tuesday: I made Rice Krispies. I had never made them before. I usually let the kids help me make our desserts, but it ended up being sticky and messy so I didn't let them help on this one. I was not impressed because they fell apart. I feel like I failed, but the kids ate some so not a total fail!

Wednesday: We were given several pumpkins thanks to Mr. Poe. The kids were so excited to paint some of them. I also decided to paint one! So glad to have several extra pumpkins this year!

Thursday: We got out some of our Halloween decorations and started a display. Still haven't finished it yet. A work in progress.

 Friday: We made sucker ghosts. I have a ton of eyelit material so I cut us up some squares. Simply wrap a sucker in fabric, tie it off with some ribbon, and draw a ghostly face. The kids loved this craft! Super simple and quick to make.


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