The Past Few Weeks...

We've been super busy the past few weeks. Getting into school routines, dealing with a sick baby, preparing for a birthday party, getting ready for fall, watching football, job interviews, doing homework, and trying to relax. Here's some pictures of us!
Love the look on her face!!!
This was really sweet until Logan looked up and ruined the picture...
He loves to cuddle with her and she loves pulling his hair. 
Armpit hair, facial hair, and chest hair.
Victoria loves cuddling with Alexandria even if Alexandria doesn't like it.
Spending a long time on homework with Nikolai. 
This kid can't concentrate to save his life.
I have to stay on him, but he's learning!
He knows his alphabet, can count to 100, and knows his colors, shapes, days of week, and months. 
But he's learning to read and I'm so excited. 
He'll be reading books by himself in no time.
We're working on handwriting. 
Love the "hat line, belt line, and shoe line" his teacher taught him for staying in the lines.
Alexandria loves bath time!
Crazy wild-eyed baby eating a clean sock
Green eyes <3
Her girl friend bought her a bunny rabbit, and she loves it!
We enjoy walking, and she enjoys riding in the stroller.
Mommy's shirt + zebra boots = Victoria style
Tried on Alice's birthday present to see if we want one.
I don't think she does....
Baby Bright Eyes
 Getting ready for interviews!
 She inherited my love of hats and boots.
 Even if this one is out of her dress up box!
 Comfy naps.
I was cold, she was cold, I needed to cook.
 She loved it.
 Daddy let them paint on the porch.
 They ended up painting each other.
 Trying to wear bows.
 She still likes to eat paper.
 Just watching...
 Victoria has gotten into her winter hats and wants to wear them even though its 80+ degrees outside.
 She wants to wear her rain boots with everything.
 Alexandria has discovered the fun of pulling out daddy's video games while I'm trying to clean.
 I had to put these back several times before I could get her redirected to something else.
 Daddy said baby can't play with games, but look how happy!
 Another one of her hats...
 Victoria wanted the baby to wear her hat.
 Alexandria did not want to wear the hat.
 But look how sweet!
 Victoria wanted to take pictures of us kissing. 
Not sure why she requested that, but I went along with it.
 She's looking like me...
 Why must they take up the whole bed?
 Happy Happy Happy!
 Nikolai's 1st school project. 
He designed it, I gave him the materials and helped him outline his tree.
Theme: Fall into Reading.
Beautiful girl!


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