Nikolai's Soldier Party

While preparing for my son's 6th birthday party, I realized I never posted pictures of his 5th birthday! So here goes!

I tried my hand at printing on brown paper bags. 
Loved it! It was easy and looked very cute!

I filled the bags with candy, stickers, soldiers, tattoos, and a whistle!
Yes, I'm quite sure parents love me for giving their child candy and a noise maker.
I really liked putting camouflage ribbon bows on the bags, but I was told it was a bit girly.


His cake was from Wal-Mart. I saw that tank and knew it was the perfect cake for him. 
Little did I know, the tank was actually a transformer. Even more perfect.

These were awesome. PVC pipe guns/marshmallow shooters. Everyone had a blast with these.
They were cheap to make and I took the time to spray paint all of them.
I made all the guns myself, no man required!

I included camouflage bags of marshmallows, (ammo).

I made camouflage cupcakes, some with brown icing, some with coconut, and some without any.

I added soldiers and soldier flags.

Wal-Mart had all of their party stuff on clearance so I got all the plates, napkins, tooth pick flags, favor bags, and hats all for 10 cents a pack!!!

We had water, cokes, kid drinks, and my favorite, sweet tea in mason jars.

I made Nikolai a shirt with the number 5 on it. I freehand cut a 5 out of camouflage iron on transfer paper


For his birthday we bought him a soldier set from

I highly recommend their products. Great quality! My son loved it.

He wears it to pretend in all the time.

We got a helmet, vest, gun, grenades, personalized dog tags, and lots of other little goodies.

 I believe the adults had more fun with the guns than the kids did.
It was fun to shoot people by surprise!

Prego me and Logan.

 I cut fabric strips so everyone could have a camouflage head band, (rambo style).

 We let everyone use face paint.

Nikolai loved his party. He had a blast!

 Found this jacket on and showed it to his great grandma.
She bought it for him!

 It's really thick and nice.
He wears it when its cold and it looks super awesome.

 Me and my pregnant husband after the party.

 He's such a goof!

Bad when a watermelon is bigger than my baby!



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