K-Mart Clearance

I'm so excited! I recently bought my children nearly a whole bathroom set for around $20.00! We hope to be getting a new home soon so I am trying to buy decorations and I hit the jackpot with the clearance isle. I wanted the kids to have a colorful underwater ocean theme and this is perfect and was actually in my budget! I rarely shop at K-Mart but maybe I should more often, plus I got Sear's reward points for my purchase!

What I Bought
Shower curtain: $4.00
Shower curtain hooks: $2.00
Soap dispenser: $2.50
Soap dish: $1.50
Toothbrush holder: $2.00
Trash Can: $4.00
Cup: $1.50
Rags: $0.50x6= $3.00

Total: $20.50

Things I still need to get:
Laundry Basket
Shower curtain liner


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