Happy Birthday Nikolai!

Dear son,

I love you so incredibly much. This six years has gone by fast, but yet, it feels as if you've been with me my entire life. Maybe it's because your apart of me or maybe it's because you are my life. When I was 16, me and your dad were so in love and knew we wanted to be a family. We planned to have you and we did. Sure, we could have waited until we had money, a house, and a life established, but it would not change how much we love you and how happy you are. You have a huge personality and you are so incredibly smart and funny. You make us smile everyday. We love the jokes you make and the funny things you say like "each udders." Sure we do tire of your endless talking some days, but we enjoy you so much.You've been with me through a lot of tough times and we've both grown together. I can remember when you were born, you just stared at me and your dad, you stuck your tongue out at us and we laughed. We were amazed with how incredibly wonderful and perfect you were. You are still perfect to us and sometimes when your asleep, me and daddy stare at you and talk about how awesome you are. Your rarely in a bad mood, your always go go go. Your definitely the most outgoing kid I know. God could not have gifted me with a better son than you. You are a perfect fit for me and your daddy. When me and daddy had rough times, you were our glue, you held us all together. I can remember so many amazing moments I've had with you and I look forward to many many more. I love you son, happy birthday.



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