Good Bye Summer, Hello Autumn

Some of my favorite non-people pictures from this summer:

 Our version of a fairy garden. Victoria had a lot of fun making this.

 I always love a good salad on a hot summer day

 Added a string for Alexandria's stuff

Nikolai's grasshopper's

 The plant that took over the porch... 

Goodbye Summer! We enjoyed you! But...

It's Finally Fall Ya'll!
 We woke up to a yard full of cows. 
The kids loved it, and it turned into a mini-education session on cows.
I cleaned up my huge craft box and made a small version for the kids.
 I decided to kick off the first day of fall with Q-tip painting.
 My kids love to paint!
 Nikolai's fall tree, with apples falling down. (this tree had a lot of apples)
 Then he added in some falling leaves.
 This was Victoria's tree. She said the red blob was a snake... okay lol.
Hope everyone has a wonderful fall!!!


  1. The cows are hilarious! lol Where did they come from??

  2. There's a few pastures around the house, they get out a few times a year and wonder into the yard. The kids were screaming because they were so excited. They couldn't get over the fact that the cows went potty in the yard lol.


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