Shark Birthday Party

 Shark Bait: Gummy Worms, Swedish Fish, and Gold Fish

 Shark Teeth and Sand Dollars: Mozzarella Cheese cut into triangles and Ritz Crackers

 Sea Salt Chips n Dip: Chips n Dip

Sea Weed Slaw: Cole Slaw

Sea Shell & Tuna Salad: Tuna Salad

 Red Sea Punch and Ocean Water: Hawaiian Punch

 Shredded Shark: BBQ sandwiches

 Blue Shark Cookies

 Have a Fin-Tastic Day!

 Shark Coloring Pages

 Birthday Boy!

 Walk the Plank game!

 My silly family!

 Grouchy sleepy girl

 Nikolai loved his Shark Birthday Party!


  1. Great photos from the party. From food and decorations to the birthday boy’s shirt, you surely stayed true to the theme of the party. I’m also arranging a jungle theme party for my son who’s going to be 4 next week. We have just hired one of the nearby event venues and plan to decorate with vines and cut-outs that look like tree trunks, along with lots of posters and stickers.


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