Alexandria: 10 Months Old

Alexandria Konstantine
A.K.A: Chunky, Chunky-Monkey, Boog, Booger, 
Favorite things to do: Sitting on the floor and spinning herself with her feet
Shredding paper and eating it when Mommy's not looking
Pulling jars of baby food out of the cabinet
Favorite things to eat: Mommy's milk, pizza crust, ice pops, any kind of fruit
Has to have her hand/arm down your shirt when you get her to sleep
Likes being outside
Loves going for walks
Likes to swing
Loves animals
Took her first step on the day after she turned 10 months old
Since then she has taken 2 steps by herself!
Has a new tooth on top, another about to come in.
Total teeth: 5!
Hair: Brown with blonde mixed in on top
Eyes: Grey/Green
Weight: Approximately 20 lbs
Daddy's add in: Loves Daddy more than everyone else



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